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SC1-R Muffler (350mm)

SC1-R Muffler (350mm)
SC1-R Muffler (350mm)SC1-R Muffler (350mm)SC1-R Muffler (350mm)SC1-R Muffler (350mm)SC1-R Muffler (350mm)SC1-R Muffler (350mm)


The new Aprilia RSV4 and Tuono V4 2021-2022 are clearly a benchmark in their category. The racing attitude of these bikes founds the perfect match with the SC1-R muffler, the top of SC-Project products range in terms of performance and technical solutions.

Developed during many years of close relationships between the Aprilia Racing and SC-Project Race Departments, the SC1-R silencer is the maximum expression of power, quality and hi-tech solutions for the hypersport 1.100cc engines made in Noale. Developed by SC-Project for Aprilia (SBK and STK configuration), this silencer comes in long configuration 350 mm length for a very aggressive and sporty look and allows the removal of OEM valve exhaust thanks to the full Titanium racing link pipe provided with the kit.

This solution allows a consistent weight reduction of -43% if compared to the original exhaust, this masterpiece of technology allows the noise level to be accepted for race track use: 102 dB @ 6500 rpm with dB-killer installed / 104 dB @ 6500 rpm w-out dB-killer installed. For race use, the dB-killer is removable: the exit pipe obtained by hydroforming process and the Carbon Fiber end cap with rhomboidal and asymmetric shape, makes the SC1-R the best slip-on muffler for this bike. For this application the lightweight outer body is available in two options: Titanium or Carbon Fiber.

The weldings manufactured with T.I.G. technology in a protected environment, the sound-absorbing material resistant to very high temperatures and the insert bushings made in CNC machining, embellish the SC1-R muffler. This makes a plug-and-play installation: ECU remapping is recommended in this case to optimize the engine delivery. The kit includes a specific Carbon Fiber heat cover and the racing bracket to remove passenger footpeg, together with the full Titanium link pipe.

Finally the impressive maximum gain of torque: +5,1 Nm @ 7700 rpm and a consistent increase of power (+5,8 hp @ 7700 rpm) with the baffle installed. W-out the baffle the maximum torque gain is +6,5 Nm @ 8000 rpm while the power gain is +7,0 hp @ 8000 rpm. This benefit is distributed and usable all around the range from 3.000 until 13.000 rpm. The final output of this exhaust is not just sound, but it is a real deep and sensational racing music for Aprilia lovers and owners.


Kit contents

Slip-On muffler
Link pipe
Carbon heat protection
Single seat bracket
Springs and screws
SC-Project stickers
24 months SC-Project official warranty


Link pipe MaterialTitanium
Body MaterialCarbon / Titanium
End Cap MaterialCarbon
Frame attachmentBracket
Exhaust valveNo


-2,4 Kg (Stock 5,6 Kg / SC 3,2 Kg)


+5,8 hp @ 7750 rpm (with dB-killer)
+7,0 hp @ 8000 rpm (without dB-killer)


+5,1 Nm @ 7750 rpm (with Db-killer)
+6,5 Nm @ 8000 rpm (without Db-killer)

Noise level

102 dB @ 6500 rpm (with Db-killer)
104 dB @ 6500 rpm (without Db-killer)

Available in the following configurations

Part NumberDescriptionPrice 
A27A-T93CSC1-R Muffler (350mm), carbon fiber
Availability: 3-15 Working days
€ 1.280,00

A27A-T93TSC1-R Muffler (350mm), titanium, with carbon fiber end cap
Availability: 3-6 Weeks
€ 1.280,00


Visit the page dedicated to the Partnership between SC-Project and Aprilia

ECU remapping is recommended