Sales conditions

1- Acceptance of these general conditions.

1.1. All commercial relationships between Advanced Group S.R.L. and the Customer are governed exclusively by the following general conditions of sale if not expressly waived by special conditions agreed in writing with Advanced Group S.R.L .;

1.2. These general conditions, as well as any special conditions, are accepted by the customer even if they differ from the general conditions or special purchase of the customer. The Customer, by sending his purchase order, unconditionally accepts these general conditions of sale, which therefore must be considered as an integral and essential part of the sales contract;

1.3. Any person acting on behalf of the Client will represent him and commit to Advanced Group S.R.L .;

1.4. Advanced Group S.R.L. accepts consumer customers. Therefore, once the applicant has accepted these general conditions, the Customer can make purchases at Advanced Group S.R.L. The order can be made following written communication, via email or through the e-commerce site