HONDA CB500 (2017 - 2018) - X - F

SC1-R Muffler

Part number: SCP-H18-90
The innovative SC1-R, a benchmark for the Superbike World Championship, is available ...   

GP-M2 Muffler, with CNC machined exit pipe

Part number: SCP-H18A-18
The GP-M2 muffler is the forefather of the range of mufflers designed for the racing world. ...   

conical Muffler, Titanium, with Carbon fiber end cap

Part number: H18-34T
The Conico muffler, available in the titanium, combines the refined tapered shape wit...   
Price:  € 390,00
VAT included

Oval Muffler

Part number: SCP-H18-25
The Oval muffler, designed and intended to support modern Superbikes striving to achieve the...